Digital Divide

Sustainable Digital Equity Corp. (SDE)

The Digital Divide Is Much More Than Just a Moral Issue.

The recent presidential election campaigns shined a bright light on the glaring economic inequalities across the country.  One of the biggest problems is the movement of the middle class towards poverty.  The Digital Divide is both a major manifestation and one of the many causes of this inequality. The Digital Divide is greatest in economically depressed communities and rural area and has become a national economic issue.  The Digital Divide leads directly to an unacceptable educational divide - a major factor in the education achievement gap.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics[1], reports that fifteen of the top twenty fastest growing industries in America are either healthcare or information technology related; and many of the healthcare jobs require extensive use of information technology tools and applications (digital skills). 

If America wants to compete successfully in a global marketplace, it must close the digital divide.  Sustainable Digital Equity Corp. is committed to providing a systemic solution to the problem.  We want students to harness the power derived from access to digital tools by participating in citizen science projects.  SDE is committed to delivering a national Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) program that will close the digital divide.  

​The program design achieves a few important objectives.

  • All students in the county will receive and use technology to solve real-world problems.

  • The students will be better prepared for college and well-paying professions.

  • Students will become more aware of the ubiquitous nature of STEAM in their daily lives.

  • The community will understand how STEAM applies to planning for and achieving sustainability.

  • The citizens will support sustainability efforts politically because they participated in developing the plans.

  • The Digital Divide will close as citizens all along the socioeconomic spectrum collaborate in developing the sustainability plan.

The plan provides a common framework for everyone in the county.  Each resident, student, municipality, and organization has the freedom and the responsibility to develop and create their own course of action toward achieving the plan’s objectives, either individually or collectively.  SDE will provide the tools, technical support, and educational assistance needed for local communities to implement the program.